Luxurious party venue

In Maison Airisniemessä you’ll celebrate unforgettable occasions!

The banquet hall with its two floors seats up to 110 people and through our catering partner you’ll guarantee a tasty service for your guests.

The venue is perfectly suited for e.g. weddings, annual celebrations, summer parties, crayfish parties, teambuilding events and sauna evenings.

You can either book the whole venue, or for example only the sauna or mutteri. By choosing from our extensive extra services you’ll make sure your guests enjoy themselves perfectly!

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“The party venue by the straits”


Spaces for every occasion


Pitopalvelu joka tapahtumaan

Suunnittelemme ja toteutamme kaiken juuri niin laajasti kuten haluatte, budjetin ja teeman mukaisesti.

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Extra service in your taste

From the city center to Airisniemi by boat, DJ’s or summery party tents? Through our partner network we’ll arrange just what you need.

Ask and we’ll see it happen!

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